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New Client Specials

Summer specials for a brighter tomorrow!

Offer valid through August 15, 2024

Counseling Sessions: $20 off first session

For individuals, couples, or families. 


Neurofeedback: $25 off first session

An effective, non-invasive treatment for ADHD, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, PTSD, migraines and chronic pain, ASD, TBI, substance abuse, epilepsy, and OCD.


Brain Mapping (QEEG): $75 off

 A very beneficial tool for those experiencing anxiety, depression, ADHD, panic disorder, TBI, PTSD, migraines, tension and cluster headaches, anger issues, OCD, memory decline, or sleep problems. 


TOVA Test, to diagnose ADHD: $40 off

The usual price for a TOVA test is $250; the new client special cost is $210.00.

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Feel like yourself again

BiofeedbackCenter of Florida is a counseling center located in Naples Florida, headed by JoAnn Blumenthal, LMHC, BCN, a compassionate, experienced, Certified and licensed psychotherapist.


I employ an eclectic therapeutic approach  that incorporates a variety of therapeutic principles and philosophies in order to create the ideal treatment program to meet the specific needs of the patient or client. Included are; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Family Systems, Mindfulness Training and a compassionate, yet direct approach. 


$20 off first session



 Biofeedback uses heart rate, skin conduction, breathing, and muscle tension. Neurofeedback is a non-drug, reward-based training system for your brain. Neurofeedback, a form of biofeedback, works to change the electrical activity of your brain. It’s a non-invasive treatment that works toward improving the source of your unwanted symptoms.


$25 off first session



Also known as brain mapping, this process allows you to visualize inside the brain and identify very clearly the irregular brainwaves that cause neurological issues. From that brain map, a report is generated for each patient that shows the areas of dysfunction and the protocols recommended to address them. 


$75 off 


TOVA is a neuropsychological assessment. It measures the individual’s ability to remain focused during a repetitive, boring task, and their ability to control their impulses during  a more stimulating task. From this assessment, a series of variables are measured and analyzed to determine whether or not the person has problems with paying attention and controlling impulses.  


$75 off 

Meet JoAnn

JoAnn Blumenthal, Counselor, LMHC, BCN, Senior Fellow

I employ an eclectic therapeutic approach that incorporates a variety of therapeutic principles and philosophies in order to create the ideal treatment program to meet the specific needs of the patient or client, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Family Systems, Mindfulness Training, and a compassionate yet direct approach. 

counseling in Naples Florida

My Approach

It's common to feel a lack of focus, become stressed, feel down, and not as happy as we once were. We can experience a loss due to death, the loss of a marriage or friend, and the need to go through the grief process. In our current world, often, this can cause anxiety, depression, pain issues, or even lead to family difficulties. If seeking counseling, I will help you with suggestions on how to get back to HAPPY again! 

I will accompany you on your journey, while making sure you feel validated and heard. You are the expert of your life and hold the power to reach each step towards your goals! Most importantly, we will focus on your strengths and embrace all parts of yourself to move through the process of self-acceptance. We incorporate the latest neuroscience modalities.

My greatest joy comes from encouraging others to heal and grow. Based upon numerous years of eclectic, therapeutic experience, I can help you create the life you and/or your family deserve. Please call me when you are ready to move forward in ways you might not have thought possible. It is my pleasure to help all seeking change; with great success cases.


Don't wait to get the help you need.

Kids Playing Tug of War

JoAnn has been great with my 8yr old son. We are seeing slow but steady improvement in his ADD symptoms. - Nov 21, 2020

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