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Adolescent issues - Dealing with emotions

In adolescence, everyone faces many psychological and mental issues .it can be very disturbing if not acknowledged properly. At teenage, hormonal activities vary from time to time, which can cause an imbalance in hormonal levels. This gives rise to mood swings and aggressive behavior due to frustration. There are many adolescent therapies present for teenagers.

Teenagers are very prone to developing depression and anxiety. They should seek clinical help regarding these issues. They can also talk to an elder who they can trust.

Most common adolescent issues and how to deal with them:

Some of the most common adolescent issues are discussed below. They are observed almost in all teenagers globally.

Mood swings

Mood swings are observed in teenagers because of hormonal changes. In teenagers, hormonal imbalance is a very common thing. This can make teenagers aggressive and frustrated all the time. They can get control over the mood swings by learning self-control and seeking medical assistance.


Depression is very common among teenagers. Most of the unsolved issues and childhood traumas can lead to depression. They should talk to trusted elders regarding their mental health.

  • Teenagers also avoid discussing matters with parents and other family members.

  • This is dangerous, which can make mental health worse.

Parents should be vigilant enough to open about everything with teenagers.

Lack of motivation

Teenagers are full of energy and reproductive ideas all the time. However, the lack of motivation can make them productive in their specific fields. This can happen because of many environmental factors such as bullying and making fun of their insecurities. They should be motivated to carry their interest and ideas.

Parents and Institutions play an important role in this regard. They should keep them motivated and fill them with positive energy to tackle this teenage problem.

Low self-esteem

It is noticed that most of the teenagers do not consider themselves worthy enough. All they focus on is people-pleasing or seeking others' approval. Low self-esteem can make them inefficient in their studies and other activities. It also affects their relationships with other people.

To make healthy relationships and be efficient in all fields of life, teenagers should tackle this problem through counseling and reading self-help material. Certain pages on social media also raise awareness regarding self-love and self-worth.

Thinking to end the life:

The suicide rate among teenagers is increasing rapidly. Depression, anxiety, stress, and other issues that remain unsolved give rise to such behavior. They should have a clear approach to life. Teenagers should talk to friends or families if they start having suicidal thoughts.

There is also a suicide prevention helpline that improves the mental and physical quality of teenagers. They should also talk to their therapists or counselors regarding suicidal thoughts and the reason behind having such negative thoughts.


Teenagers are very prone to develop many psychological issues. These issues can lead to health issues that can be life-threatening sometimes. Teenagers should be dealt with love and care. Most of the issues arise by imbalanced hormonal levels during adolescence age.

Teenage problems should be acknowledged properly. Parents and teachers play a major role in building the personalities of teenagers.

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