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How Neurofeedback Can Help Treat ADHD?

According to studies, about 90% of people with ADHD have a greater ratio of theta waves as compared to the beta waves. Neurofeedback therapy aims to increase the ratio of beta waves, in the hopes that the symptoms of ADHD may be reduced and the patients may get healed.

Top Ways Neurofeedback ADHD is helpful:

Neurofeedback ADHD can be quite helpful for patients of ADHD, in ways that have never been perceived before. It is the younger children that benefit the most from it. The ways are discussed below:

A patient can self-regulate their brain activity

Since one’s brain-activity is an involuntary process, many would assume that it is futile to think that one may be able to control it. However, being able to control your brain activity is pretty much like being able to increase your heart rate after running for a while.

  • Neurofeedback ADHD is an effective therapy that allows the patients to control their brain activity by employing various methods like physical activity.

  • If you can self-regulate your brain activity, you pretty much have control over your ADHD too.

Patients are thoroughly advised and guided

Being able to control yourself may often require a lot of guidance and help. Unfortunately, most people that go for ADHD therapy are not able to receive the proper guidance (due to inefficient diagnosis). With proper guidance, patients are able to understand the situation better and work to heal themselves with greater enthusiasm.

The patient can concentrate and focus more

If you lack experience in anything, you may have a problem doing it, unless you are gifted with exceptional capabilities.

  • However, with a little practice, one can master anything. Most patients with ADHD may have the same problem.

  • People that never had the circumstances where they required intensive concentration, may find it hard to do so when such a situation arises out of the blue.

Thus, neurofeedback therapy may be helpful. The processes done in the neurofeedback therapy may enable or compel the patient to concentrate, and once it is done for long, they will gain the necessary experience in this domain. It may teach them a lot too.

We can utilize variety of different strategies

In this therapy, various strategies are employed to enhance concentration. The hit and try method is used to determine if a method is appropriate or not. When such a paradigm is used, patients eventually find the right strategy that is truly helpful for them.

The patients can get a better and deeper understanding of self

If you are able to understand yourself and your circumstances properly, you will know what needs to be done. Neurofeedback helps you reach that point, and get better control over yourself. Greater comprehension of self may also allow you to undo your own circumstances.

Final Thoughts

Although neurofeedback ADHD is a better method as compared to other means of treating ADHD, there are a lot of concerns. Most scientists still think that better methods need to be introduced because the rate of treatment does not seem to be as effective.

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