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Mental health issues in Pandemic front line workers?

People are suffering from mental health problems because of the pandemic situation. People are restricted and staying safe at home because no one has any idea how this Covid-19 virus spreads. Often this situation is affecting the mental health of front-line workers more than it's affecting us. They are constantly exposed to the virus, stressful situations, and dealing with ill people that frequently die.

We are scared of going outside, so we don't catch the virus, but what about the front-line workers working day and night with the people affected by the virus? This virus has made their lives tough, and the situation is getting worse day by day.

How are front-line pandemic workers affected by the stress of the Pandemic?

1. Grief

Due to the pandemic situation, the death ratio has gone up drastically, and whenever someone dies in the hospital, this happens in front of the front-line workers. They see death in the hospitals on regular basis, and it makes them feel sadness, loss, among other emotions. In addition, many front-line workers have lost their loved ones to this virus. This situation has made the work condition for those workers even harder. They are grieving. Still, they are giving their best to keep us safe and healthy.


Seeing death with our eyes and watching people crying their hearts out won't be an easy situation to deal with. The front-line workers see and deal with this kind of scenario daily.

Even when they get home, they get PSTD. All of them are fighting with this current pandemic situation and are also worried about the health of their loved ones. When they get home, they think, what if their loved ones get the virus from them? What if one of their family members gets the virus? PTSD is affecting the mental health of front-line workers.

3. Depression or anxiety

While working in this pandemic situation, it is quite obvious people who are in direct contact with the deceased persons might catch the virus. Such thoughts lead to anxiety and depression. We have no idea how we are going to catch the virus, and people who are treating this virus have higher chances of getting it.

Depression is causing havoc in the front-line workers. They are losing their temperament and calmness with every passing second.

People like front line workers who are in direct contact with the virus that not only includes the doctors or the nurses but every single person who are working to keep the environment safe for others are dealing with the following crucial situations:

1. Mental health problems

It is quite obvious when we are constantly watching patients, deaths and dealing with crucial problems. We get tensed. It affects our mental health than the front-line workers who are working day and night in this kind of environment. Their mental health is getting ruined day by day. They are getting stressed that what if they catch the virus?

If, by any chance, they get the virus, how are they going to keep their families safe? Such thoughts ruin the mental and brain health of the front-line workers. They stay worried and depressed all the time.

2. Anger management issues

When someone is constantly dealing with stress and anxiety because of the pandemic situation around them, then it is quite obvious they will get angry. The anger problems are also rising because most of the time, the patients don't care what the worker is saying that makes them angrier.

Anger management problems are also rising in front-line workers because of staying worried about their own health and their loved ones too.

3. Physical health is getting ruined

Working day and night in the Covid-19 ward and just dealing with the patients without getting enough sleep or without having proper meals is going to ruin your physical health as well. Physical health goes down, and this is when the virus attacks the body badly. Physical health problems are also rising in front-line workers.

The final words:

We can do things that will help the frontline workers, as we talked about above. We need to stay safe, and we need to stay away from public gatherings. If we stay safe and away from such things, then we won't have to visit hospitals and make their duty tougher. They are our real hero community and we should support them in the best possible ways by taking our safety to the highest priority.

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