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Things to know about ADHA

ADHD - Cause And Early Detection

Most people have heard about ADHD. However, the majority don't understand what it is and often have an inaccurate definition of what's it all about. In this article, you will learn more about the possible causes of ADHD and the early signs and symptoms.

What Causes ADHD

To be rather blunt about it, the exact cause of ADHD is not yet well understood. For now, evidence suggests there may be a couple of factors that may lead to said condition.


ADHD has the tendency to run in families. Hence, the genes you get from your parents may be a strong predisposing factor for developing the said condition.

According to research, if the siblings and parents have ADHD, there's a good chance the child will also develop ADHD. Having said that, this gene inheritance factor is complex, and most experts would agree that genes are just a contributing and not the sole factor for causing ADHD.

Brain Structure And Function

Another strong factor for the development of ADHD is the brain itself. Some studies suggest that people with the said condition have parts of the brain that are either smaller or bigger compared to the normal.

Other studies also point out that it may be the imbalance of the brain's neurotransmitters or chemicals that causes ADHD.

Notable Groups

There are certain groups of individuals that seem to have a higher percentage of developing ADHD like:

* People with low birthweight

* People who are born before the 37th week of pregnancy

* People with epilepsy

* People with brain damage either obtained through a severe head injury or unfortunate development while in the womb

Early Detection Of ADHD

The earlier ADHD can be detected, the better is it to manage. Hence, it's best to be aware of early signs and symptoms such as:

* Avoiding or not liking activities that require attention, especially if it's more than a minute or two.

* Quickly loses interest after engaging in an activity for a few moments and then starts doing something else.

* Tends to talk more and make noises when compared to children of the same age.

* Likes to climb on things despite being instructed not to do it.

* Unable to hop on one foot by the age of four years.

* Almost always restless - wants to continually twist, jiggle or kick while in his/her seat. Being vocal about the "need" to get up even only seated for a couple of minutes.

* Tends to get into dangerous scenarios because of a seeming lack of fear.

* Warms up too fast to complete strangers.

* Tends to be aggressive towards playmates and has been already removed from daycare or preschool due to aggression.

* Has been physically injured due to running or moving too fast despite being instructed not to behave in such a manner.

Wrapping It All Up

ADHD is a serious condition that's frequently misunderstood by most of the public. The exact cause of ADHD is not fully recognized, and studies suggest that it may be caused by a combination of genetics, brain function, and brain-related abnormalities or injuries.

Early detection of ADHD paves the way to a more manageable condition. Hence, be aware of the common signs and symptoms of ADHD mentioned above.

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