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What is Tova Testing and How It Works for ADHD Patients?

TOVA is the abbreviation for “Test of Variables of Attention”. It is a neuropsychological (related to brain and senses) test that is used for patients with ADHD, which is the abbreviation of “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder”. This is a medical problem where patients find it hard to maintain attention.

The method of Tova Testing for ADHD

The process of Tova testing is very simple yet interesting. Here is how the Tova Testing works:

  • First, the patient schedules a test and an interview with a professional.

  • The patient then takes a computerized test and gives their answers.

  • The test is followed by an interview with the professional.

  • The entire process lasts for an hour, after which the Tova testing is complete.

  • There is also the procedure of self-scoring or the scoring by patients.

  • Results are sent to the doctor and the patient/client.

Ways Tova Tests for ADHD patients are helpful:

Tova testing is actually quite helpful for patients with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, as it has been attested by interviews with the patients. We shall discuss the main helpful aspects of Tova tests for patients with ADHD:

  • It gives a comprehensive treatment plan

Tova testing is followed by a comprehensive plan for the patient. This plan may include a series of medications and activities that will help the patient improve their condition, or relieve themselves of their disorder entirely. Many patients have shown satisfaction with the treatment plan provided.

On the other hand, other testing or diagnostic services do not give a proper treatment plan or do not give one at all, which may pose problems for the patients more than often.

  • It allows the patient privilege to receive certain Rx medications

According to the laws of different countries or states of a country, a patient may not be able to receive medication unless they have proof of their problem, or a prescription available for them. This may be a problem for patients that have not been prescribed medications or have had their prescriptions expired. With Tova testing, however, they can have their respective medication.

  • The patient’s entire context is brought to light

It is important for patients with ADHD to understand their circumstances because their disorder is usually the by-product of those circumstances. Other testing methods do not consider these methods in detail and only look for ADHD. However, with Tova testing, the patient will come to know their unique circumstances in detail, so they can work to change them and improve their condition.

  • It gives a clearer diagnosis with much ease

Tova test is like a walk in the park for most patients. However, despite how easy this test is, the diagnosis is exceptionally accurate and elaborate. This adds the factor of feasibility for all the patients with ADHD.

Final Thoughts

If you are wondering or you are sure that you have ADHD, you should consider taking a Tova test. It may help you in ways discussed above, or in other ways that can only be realized after a first-hand experience.

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